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    Dear Parents, We would both like to offer you a very warm welcome to The Crescent Academy. This is a wonderful school and we are very proud to be Principals here. We have such polite and hardworking children and marvellous members of staff. We encourage all of our parents to become a part of our rich and welcoming family. Mr Alston and Mrs Williams

  • Autumn 2nd Half Term - How Our Body Works

     Science -

    How Our Body Works:

    How does blood flow from the tops of our heads to the tips of our toes?

    What happens to water in our bodies?

    Fast food vs a balanced meal: what affect does it have on our bodies?

    How do we exercise a muscle?

    Drugs and smoking: why are they bad for us?

    How does the human body change and why?


    Enrichment -


    How can we use light and dark to take an effective picture?

    How do we take a panoramic shot?

    How can we compare taking photos in the countryside to in a city/town?

    What effects can we add to alter/enhance a picture?


    PE & Healthy Living -


    What are the key rules of Tag Rugby?

    How do we correctly hold a rugby ball?

    Which position do we need to be in to pass the rugby ball?

    How can teamwork be used to successfully defend?

    How can teamwork be effectively used to score?



    In which situations do people need to keep themselves safe?

    What is school’s policy for bullying?

    What are the 3 key things must you do before crossing the road?

    What are the different levels of friendship?

    What are the three classes of drugs?


    Computing - 

    How can we change an input to achieve a different output in Scratch?

    How can we use sound in Scratch?

    How can variables be used in Scratch?

    How can I check algorithms and debug mistakes in a program?

    What can we do to decompose a problem into smaller parts to design an algorithm for a specific outcome?

    How can I use logical thinking, imagination and creativity to extend a program?

    What tools can we use to collect data?


    Music - 

    What songs will we be singing/ performing?

    How can we make our performance fantastic thinking about pitch, tempo, aural memory and actions?


    MFL -  

    What are the French names for our school subjects in French?

    How could we use French words to describe our school timetable?

    How do we ask someone what their favourite subject is?

    If someone asked us what our favourite subject is, what answers could we give?

    Do French children learn the same subjects that we do in England?

    How are French and English schools similar?

    How are French schools and English schools different?