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    Dear Parents, We would both like to offer you a very warm welcome to The Crescent Academy. This is a wonderful school and we are very proud to be Principals here. We have such polite and hardworking children and marvellous members of staff. We encourage all of our parents to become a part of our rich and welcoming family. Mr Alston and Mrs Williams

  • Spring 1st Half Term - Ancient Civalisations

    Enrichment  -

    Ancient Civilisations:

    How did a peasant live compared to Kings/Queens?

    What Gods did they believe in?

    What differences in architecture are there across the civilisations?

    What was education like?


    What comparisons can be drawn through art?



    Which materials are best for making pottery?

    Which tools can be used to sculpt?

    How can detail be added to a piece of pottery?

    How can decoration on pottery present information about history?

    How does pottery compare between different civilisations?


    PE & Healthy Living -


    What are the main rules in the game?

    How can we use teamwork to score goals?

    How can we use teamwork to defend?

    What techniques do we use to pass the ball?

    How can we compare basketball to netball?



    What is dictatorship?

    Which countries experience dictatorship?

    What is the role of the EU?

    What is the difference between ‘war’ and ‘peace’?

    What are the ten commandments?

    What is a criminal offence?


    Computing -

    How can I use logical thinking, imagination and creativity to extend a program?

    How can repeat commands improve and refine a program?

    What can we do to decompose a problem into smaller parts to design an algorithm for aspecific outcome?

    How can variables be used in Scratch to extend possibilities of a program?  

    How can text, photos, sound and video editing tools be used to refine presentations?


    Music -

    What kind of music did the Ancient Greeks/ Egyptians listen to, play and perform?

    What forms of composition will we use?

    What are the letters of the Greek alphabet?

    What is minimalist music?

    How can we arrange our own performances?


    MFL -

    Can we understand a more complex story in French?

    Can we follow the story using actions?

    Can we repeat words and key phrases that we hear in French?

    Can we create a story map and add key French vocabulary?

    Can we retell a French story to our friend?

    What French adjectives were used to describe the characters in French?

    Can we change an element of the story to create our own version?