The Crescent Academy
The Crescent Academy
  • Welcome


    Dear Parents, We would both like to offer you a very warm welcome to The Crescent Academy. This is a wonderful school and we are very proud to be Principals here. We have such polite and hardworking children and marvellous members of staff. We encourage all of our parents to become a part of our rich and welcoming family. Mr Alston and Mrs Williams

  • Spring Half Term 2 - Helping Hands (Continued)

    Science –

    What do gardeners need to grow?

    How can we care for our plants?

    Does it matter how we plant the seed?


    Computing -

    Can I use technology to organise and present my ideas in different ways?

    Can I use the keyboard on my device to add, delete and space text for others to read?

    Can I save and open files on the device I use?

    Do I know where I can get information that I can use to help us to investigate a question?


    PE & Healthy Living - 

    How can I be the same as my partner to be symmetrical?

    Can I make shapes on the apparatus?

    Can I move in and out of shapes to create a routine?

    How can I pass/ receive?

    What is the best way to hit a target?


    Enrichment – (Hist, Geog, RE, Art)

    What are churches and what do they look like?

    What is a baptism and why/ how does it take place?

    Do all religions celebrate the welcoming of people in the same way?

    Do things always have to be fair?

    Do I know what is kind?

    What is meant by selfishness?

    Why is it wrong to steal?


    Music -

    How do I sing a rap?

    What’s a word rhythm?

    How will we create a class song about the weather?