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    Dear Parents, We would both like to offer you a very warm welcome to The Crescent Academy. We encourage all of our parents to become a part of our rich and welcoming family.

  • Autumn 1st Half Term - The Solar System –

    Ancient Civilisations: (Egyptians, Greeks, Mayans)

    1. How did a peasant live compared to Kings/Queens?
    2. What Gods did they believe in?
    3. What differences in architecture are there across the civilisations?
    4. What was education like?
    5. When/where/who/why/how?
    6. What comparisons can be drawn through art?

  Arts and Design –


    1. Which materials are best for making pottery?
    2. Which tools can be used to sculpt?
    3. How can detail be added to a piece of pottery?
    4. How can decoration on pottery present information about history?
    5. How does pottery compare between different civilisations?


    1. How can we design and write a program to achieve a specific goal?
    2. How does a program simulate a physical system?
    3. What is a variable?
    4. How can a timer and a score pad be added to a game?
    5. How can objects be controlled using variables?

  & Healthy Living – Rugby/gymnastics

    1. How many ways can we travel around a space?
    2. How many different jumps can we perform?
    3. Which body parts can we use when jumping and travelling?
    4. How can we incorporate apparatus into jumping and travelling?
    5. How can jumping and travelling be combined to create a sequence?

  & Healthy Living – Keeping myself safe

    1. In which situations do people need to keep themselves safe?
    2. What is school’s policy for bullying?
    3. What are the 3 key things must you do before crossing the road?
    4. What are the different levels of friendship?
    5. What are the three classes of drugs?


    1. Which kind of music did the Ancient Greeks/Egyptians listen to, play and perform?
    2. What forms of composition will we use?   (structure/accompaniment/melody/notation/cycle/ round)
    3. What are the letters of the Greek alphabet?
    4. What is minimalist music?
    5. How can we arrange our own performances?


    1. Can we count beyond 20 in French?
    2. What rule can help us to learn the ‘tens’ numbers in French?
    3. Can we count up to 40 in French?
    4. When we count up to 40 objects, can we write the number (word) underneath?
    5. Can we play ‘lotto’ with numbers up to 40 in French?
    6. Can we complete a number sequence up to 40 in French?
    7. Can we give an answer in French to a range of maths problems (numbers up to 40)?
    8. Can we say the names of Egyptian objects in French?
    9. Can we label a range of Greek objects?


    1. Why do some people think God exists?