The Crescent Academy
The Crescent Academy
  • Welcome


    Dear Parents, We would both like to offer you a very warm welcome to The Crescent Academy. We encourage all of our parents to become a part of our rich and welcoming family.

  • Autumn Half Term 1 - Through the Key Hole


    How can I use the internet safely?

    What is an algorithm?

    How do I debug?

    Can I retell a story using 2Code?

  & Healthy Living –

    Can we celebrate Harvest through dance?

    How can I move across the floor with a partner?

    Can I jump safely?

    Can I control different PE equipment?

    How can I score a goal?

    How can I defend a goal?


    Where do people worship?

    Are all places of worship the same?

    What are places of worship used for?

  Development -

    How can I help people feel safe?

    Why do we follow rules?

    What can I do when I am upset?


    How can we sort these items of food?

    What food should we eat?

    How can we stay fit?

    How can we stay clean?

    How can we stay healthy?


    How many songs will we be learning about healthy food?

    Will we be singing songs about where different food is grown?

    Which musical skills will we need to create our best performances?

    Can we sing in tune to the music?