The Crescent Academy
The Crescent Academy
  • Welcome


    Dear Parents, We would both like to offer you a very warm welcome to The Crescent Academy. We encourage all of our parents to become a part of our rich and welcoming family.

  • Spring 1st Half Term - Africa –

    1. Where is Africa?
    2. What is the biggest mountain in Africa?
    3. How big is Lake Victoria?
    4. Can I recognise the flags of African countries?
    5. What wildlife is natural to Africa?
    6. How does the African climate differ to our own?


    Touch Typing:

    1. Can I identify a trusted website?
    2. Can I use a keyboard appropriately with good position?
    3. Can I recognise and explain some of the basic keys on top, bottom and home rows?
    4. Can I improve my typing with two hands?
    5. Can I use my hands to control the sides of a keyboard?

  & Healthy Living –

    1. What part of my foot should I use to shoot a football at goal?
    2. What parts of my body can I control the ball with?
    3. What positions are there in a football team?
    4. Why is it important to get in space?
    5. Why is sportsmanship important in football?
    6. What is a bully?
    7. What is bullying?
    8. How do I know that I am being bullied?
    9. What are the different types of bullying?
    10. How do I keep myself safe from bullies?


    1. What songs will we be learning?
    2. Can I remember the words and actions?
    3. What skills do I need to remember when performing in front of an audience?


    1. What is a special book?


    1. Why are skeletons important?
    2. What do muscles do?
    3. How are animals different to humans?
    4. What is nutrition and why do we need it?


    1. Can we understand a story in French?
    2. Can we follow the story using actions?
    3. Can we repeat words and key phrases that we hear in French?
    4. Can we retell a French story to our friend?
    5. What foods were eaten in the story?
    6. Can we recognise the days of the week in French?
    7. Can we order the days of the week in French?
    8. Can we write words from memory?