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The Crescent Academy
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    Dear Parents, We would both like to offer you a very warm welcome to The Crescent Academy. We encourage all of our parents to become a part of our rich and welcoming family.

  • Spring 1st Half Term - Traditional Tales / Chinese New Year / Spring

    Communication and Language –

    Can I respond to a complex question?

    Can I speak in longer sentences to share my feelings and thoughts?

    Do I understand the use of objects?

    Can I confidently retell a story?


    PSED –

    Can I play in group?

    Can I choose resources and games to play with by myself?

    Can I do jobs for others

    Can I talk about special times with my family?


    Physical Development –

    Can I experiment moving my body in different ways?

    Can I run and change direction without bumping into others?

    Can I roll my body in different ways?

    Can I use one handed tools like scissors with control?

    Can I hold a writing tool in a tripod grip?

    Can I write some letters correctly?


    Understanding the world

    What changes happen in Spring?

    Are all flowers the same?

    What are the parts of a flower?

    How and why do we celebrate Chinese New Year?


    Expressive arts and design -

    Which materials are the best to make a pig’s house?

    Which materials do I need to make a Spring picture?

    How do I make a Chinese lantern?

    How do I use paint to decorate my decorations?

    What is Chinese New Year?

    Can we keep to the beat if the music?