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    Dear Parents, We would both like to offer you a very warm welcome to The Crescent Academy. We encourage all of our parents to become a part of our rich and welcoming family.

  • Spring 2nd Half Term - Africa (Continued) –

    1. How is the river Nile used today?
    2. What is life like for an African child?
    3. Why is Egypt a popular tourist destination?
    4. How many people live in Africa and what are the most populous countries?
    5. How many different languages are spoken in Africa?
    6. Why is much of Africa in poverty?


    1. What is a chord?
    2. Where do my fingers go on the frets for the C chord?
    3. How many different pieces can I play?



    1. Am I aware of my own digital footprint?
    2. Can I describe and evaluate ways to communicate?
    3. Can I open and respond to emails using address books?
    4. Can I use email safely?
    5. Can I add an attachment?
    6. Can I respond sensibly and safely to an email scenario?

  & Healthy Living –

    1. Where can I pass the rugby ball?
    2. How can I tackle within a game of tag rugby?
    3. How do you score points?
    4. What happens when you are tagged?
    5. Why is teamwork important?
    6. How is rugby different to football?
    7. Are any drugs good for you?
    8. How do we keep ourselves safe from harmful drugs?
    9. What effects do drugs have on people’s bodies?
    10. Why should we keep away from drugs?


    1. Why is Easter so important to Christians?


    1. Why do things move differently on different surfaces?
    2. What is a pole?
    3. What happens when you put magnets together?
    4. Which materials are attracted/repelled to magnets?
    5. Which forces need contact between two objects?


    1. Can we look for clues in words to help us understand what they might mean?
    2. What are the French words that describe members of our family?
    3. Can we understand what someone is saying when they talk about their family?
    4. Can we describe the family of various TV characters?
    5. How do we use a French-English dictionary?