The Crescent Academy
The Crescent Academy
  • Welcome


    Dear Parents, We would both like to offer you a very warm welcome to The Crescent Academy. We encourage all of our parents to become a part of our rich and welcoming family.

  • Spring Half Term 1 - Helping Hands


    Can I sort data?

    How can I present my data using a spreadsheet?

    Can I use a database to present data differently?

    How can I search for data?

  & Healthy Living –

    How can I be the same as my partner in order to be symmetrical?

    Can I make shapes on the apparatus?

    Can I move in and out of shapes to create a routine?

    How can I pass and receive?

    What is the best way to hit a target?


    Land/ Nature art?

  Development -

    Why do people get angry?

    What feelings do we have?

    How do I cope with my feelings?


    What is in your habitat?

    What do different animals eat in their habitat?

    Where can I live if I were a…?


    What sounds can we hear in the rainforest?

    Which instruments can we use to sound like different habitats?

    Can we keep a regular beat?

    How can we help organise each other’s work?