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    Dear Parents, We would both like to offer you a very warm welcome to The Crescent Academy. We encourage all of our parents to become a part of our rich and welcoming family.

  • Summer 1st Half Term - Electricity

    Science -

    Electricity – 
    What factors impact on the brightness of a lamp?
    What factors impact upon the volume of a buzzer?
    What precautions must be taken when working safely with electricity?
    How can you plan out an electrical circuit?
    How important is electricity to the world?
    Why do bulbs remain brighter in parallel circuits?


    Enrichment (Hist, Geog, RE, Art)

    Why do devices have recognised electrical symbols?
    If a series circuit is added to your diagram, will the device be affected?


    Computing -

    How do I keep my data safe and what dangers could I face? 
    What programs allow me to present data? 
    How can I create a useable database? 
    How do I interrogate a database? 
    How can I organise data on a spreadsheet and how can I use formula effectively?
    How do I know the effectiveness of my algorithms? 
    How do I correct these


    PE and Healthy Living -

    How can the accuracy and placement of the tennis ball affect the opposition’s ability to return?
    Why is my balance and core strength an important factor during my performance?
    Why does an increased understanding of the game rules benefit my performance?
    Why is communication an important factor within cricket and rounders?
    How will the accuracy and power of the strike impact upon the outcome of an individual play?
    How can an active me, healthy me, physical me and social me benefit my development as a whole?


    MFL -

    Can we understand a more complex story in French?
    Can we follow the story using actions?
    Can we repeat words and key phrases that we hear in French?
    Can we create a story map and add key French vocabulary?
    Can we retell a French story to our friend?
    Can we change an element of the story to create our own version?


    Music –

    What show will be exploring?
    Can we use all the musical skills we have developed during key stage two in order to create our best ever performance?