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    Dear Parents, We would both like to offer you a very warm welcome to The Crescent Academy. We encourage all of our parents to become a part of our rich and welcoming family.

  • Summer 1st Half Term - Into the World



    How is sound made?

    How does it travel from its’ source to the ear?

    Can you see sound?

    What is the difference between pitch and volume?

    How do pitch and volume affect soundwaves?

    Why do sounds get fainter as the distance from the source increases?



    Into the Wild

    Does it rain every day in the rainforest?

    How is a rainforest structured and how can I use my peers to create a human model?

    Why are rainforests important to me?

    What wildlife might I spot when exploring the rainforest?

    How does the rainforest compare to where I live?

    Where would you prefer to be stranded?


    PE & Healthy Living-


    What is the correct technique to bowl underarm with accuracy?

    How do you bat precisely and direct the ball in a specific direction?

    What fielding positions are there and how do we catch and throw from that position?

    How do we apply a number of different fielding techniques during a game?

    How do we work as a team to ensure the best chance of success?

    How can we use the skills we have previously learnt to effectively play a game?


    What is the importance of charity work?

    What key charities are around?

    Why might people need to use a charity?

    What environmental issues exist?

    How can we impact environmental issues?

    What does looking after animals entail?



    Why is it important to ask an adult before downloading things from the internet?

    How will an algorithm help to sequence programs?

    Why is it important to test a program while making it?     


    Music –

    How have composers written music about dinosaurs?

    What musical elements have they used to create film music?

    How will we create our own musical score for our own composition?

    Can other children follow my score?



    What is an animation?

    How can you create a simple animation using 2Animate?

    What is the Onion Skin tool used for in animation?

    What is a background?

    How can backgrounds and sounds be used to make more complex and imaginative animations?  

    Typed Powerpoint:

    How can I improve fluency when typing using a keyboard?

    How is the shift key used to input symbols?

    What keyboard shortcuts are available to use? E.g. ctrl + c/v?

     What do the tabs mean at the top of documents/spreadsheets/PowerPoints and   how can they be used to manipulate the text?