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    Dear Parents, We would both like to offer you a very warm welcome to The Crescent Academy. We encourage all of our parents to become a part of our rich and welcoming family.

  • Summer 1st Half Term - The Romans–

    1. What do the different parts of a plant do?
    2. What do plants need to grow?
    3. Which pants need different conditions to grow?
    4. How is water transported in plants?
    5. What role do plants play in the life cycle?

  & Healthy Living –

    1. How can I stop myself getting an injury?
    2. How can I improve my personal best?
    3. How could I jump further?
    4. How cold my technique be improved?
    5. What are choices?
    6. Why is it important to make the right choice?
    7. What choices have you had to make in the past?
    8. What choices may you need to make in the future?


    1. Who founded Ancient Rome?
    2. Who ruled Rome?
    3. Who were the gladiators?
    4. What did they eat in Ancient Rome?
    5. Why was the Roman Army so powerful?
    6. Which countries did the Romans invade and conquer?

  Arts and Design –

    1. What is a mosaic?
    2. Where were mosaics displayed?
    3. Why is repetition important?
    4. Why did Romans display mosaics in their houses?
    5. What different designs did mosaics come in?
    6. What material were mosaics made of?


    1. What is the fingering for the F chord?
    2. Can I change from one cord to another?
    3. How do I change from one chord to another?


    Branching Databases:

    1. Can I use emails safely?
    2. Can I sort objects, responding to ‘yes’ and ‘no’ questions?
    3. Can I complete a branching database?
    4. Can I create my own branching database?


    1. How are the Qur’an and the Bible similar?


    1. Can we match the English month of the year to the correct French word?
    2. Can we order French months correctly?
    3. Can we use French numbers and months to describe our birthday in French?
    4. How do we ask other people when their birthday is?
    5. If someone asks how old we are, how do we reply?
    6. How do we say the alphabet in French?
    7. How is the French and English alphabet different and similar?
    8. Can we use the French alphabet to spell our names?


    J’adore le football project –

    1. Are there any famous French speaking football players who play for our local teams?

    Can we say any football vocabulary in French?

    1. How can we describe the position of a player in French?
    2. Can we use French numbers to read out scores?