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    Dear Parents, We would both like to offer you a very warm welcome to The Crescent Academy. We encourage all of our parents to become a part of our rich and welcoming family.

  • Summer 2nd Half Term - Jurassic World


    Animals Including Humans

    What is a food chain?

    What does a food chain consist of?

    What is the role of a predator, the producer, consumer and prey?

    What is the role of the skeleton in the human body?

    What are the names of the key bones and muscles in our body?

    How does the human body move?


    Enrichment –

    Jurassic World

    When did the dinosaurs exist?

    What key periods make up the dinosaur timeline?

    What species of Dinosaur are there?

    What is an archaeologist and how might this be useful?

    Do dinosaurs still exist today?

    How did Dinosaurs survive?

    Which Dinosaur would you choose to have been and why?


    PE & Healthy Lving -


    How do we change our running technique depending upon the distance we are running?

    What things do we need to consider in order to successfully hurdle whilst maintaining running speed?

    How can we work together successfully as a team to perform well in a relay race?

    How can we maintain energy during a long distance race?

    How can we increase the distance we can jump?

    What is the best body position to use in order to through the greatest distance in a given throwing discipline?


    What changes does growing have on our body?

    What is there to look forward to as an adult?

    How can I stay clean and hygienic?

    What changes happen to boys?

    What changes happen to girls?




    What is a formula?

    What are number formatting tools and why are they used?

    What different tools can be combined?

    How can data be used to produce a line graph?

    What is a spreadsheet and why are they used for budgeting?

    How can values be allocated to images?



    How have composers written music about dinosaurs?

    What musical elements have they used to create film music?

    How will we create our own musical score for our own composition?

    Can other children follow my score?